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( 7 October 2016 07:57 pm)
'cause sometimes it's needed

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( 7 October 2016 08:03 pm)
Dear Yuletide Author:

Happy Yuletide!! Welcome to my letter, and thanks so much for signing up for the challenge. We apparently share at least one fandom, which means you must be awesome by default. ♥

Um, probably bad/frustrating news first, and I'm sorry in advance: I'm easy to please, and I'd be happy with just about anything. But! Here's some basic stuff about me and my likes/dislikes:

+ I'm a shipper at heart. And omni-shipper, if you will. I like all kinds of different 'ships across different fandoms - to the point that takes much less time to tell someone what ships I wouldn't like to see. (Which I will put in the details for you, if necessary.)
+ That being said, gen is also cool. I don't need a 'ship-centric fic to be happy.
+ Action, fight scenes, and other fast-paced things are lovely! But if that's not applicable, or not your style, so be it. I just generally like things that will hold my attention. Even generic slice-of-life can do that, so long as there's something going on.
+ I'm not ratings-picky! Go wild.

- Angst is cool in general, but please no sad and depressing endings.
- No non-con, please.

I hope this helps, even if just a little bit. If for any reason you need to ask me something ~covertly~ or anything, I can be reached anonymously here. The comment will be unscreened when I reply!

THANKS AGAIN! You are so fantastic, and I can't wait to see what you'd come up with. o/

- M


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