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.... /posts this and then proceeds to box, as usual


The first year that the twins had non-matching costumes, she was a pirate and he was a ninja. It was an eventful night.

In the first hour, she lost him twice. He wasn't actually lost, not really, but the all-black-costume-thing combined with the out-at-night-thing along with the he-was-trying-to-walk-slower-than-her thing just didn't work out all too well. When she realized it was on purpose, she quietly took hint to slow down and stick with him. But not without elbowing him in the side first. You know, for good measure.

In the second hour, some kid from the neighborhood told her that her eyepatch looked stupid. Her brother had to pull her off of the poor boy before he would end up needing one for real.

In the third hour, they found the row of houses full of old couples who harped on how cute they both looked and then gave out apples instead of candy. They both protested until their parents conceded and took them to a different neighborhood.

And in the fourth hour, they fell asleep on the ride home.

Of course, once home, it was like they'd never lost their energy at all. They rushed to their room, candy bags in hand, and cleared a space on the floor just for their yearly candy combination and exchange. Masks, scarves, toy weapons and bandannas discarded, they simultaneously upended their loot and shoved it into one big pile. The apples rolled away, out of reach, and neither of them cared.

She picked up a loose-spring toy, quirked an eyebrow, and then shoved it in his direction. He was tossing a beanbag sack in the shape of a rounded turtle between his hands, but decided it'd be better suited to her and tossed it her way.

He got all of the purple candies, she claimed the red ones. The green ones were split evenly, the black ones were pushed over with the apples to be thrown away, the chocolate ones were decided by coin toss. He took the butterscotch not because he was fond of it, but because he knew she didn't like it. She kept the mints, but only to give them to him randomly, one at a time, throughout the rest of the coming year.

And when it was done, they shoved their new, perfect piles of candy back into their bags.

"I think we did good this year," he said, a huge grin on his face.

She mirrored his grin right back, already helping herself to a huge jawbreaker, and they both laughed. Halloween was just that much better with a twin.

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