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there goes trouble ([personal profile] millenia) wrote2016-11-10 02:09 am
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HEY GUYS!! now that I'm not in grad school hell, I want to actually make an attempt to do cards this year!
  • They will NOT be holiday cards. They will be generic "hey how are you i love you" cards.
  • ...unless you explicitly state that you want a card for a specific holiday - in which case, I will do my best to find one for you.
  • I will send cards to anywhere!
  • ... except space. Sorry if you are in space. I can't afford the postage for that rn. :(
  • Don't assume I already have your address. Beeecause I've probably lost it. ^^;; Just fill out the form anyway plz?
  • In theory, these will go out before the end of the year.

Please copy and paste the following into a comment and answer the questions for me!

COMMENTS ARE SCREENED for your privacy - no worries! ♥

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