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([personal profile] kalloway 23 May 2017 10:08 pm)
[personal profile] facetiousfutz got [personal profile] taichara and I talking about old fanfic...

Kalloway Ashton: Also, I realize the FFVII remake is going to bring in new, young fans. It will not do to have WiPs older than they are. I definitely need to get some stuff finished.

Oi. Though I actually think most of the truly lingering stuff is more Kingdom Hearts than Final Fantasy, aside from the FFVII/FFVIII Vincent/Squall xover that mostly just needs me to sit down and wrangle the plot.
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([personal profile] kalloway 23 May 2017 07:07 pm)
I just realized my phone has three different volume settings - for the ringtone, for notifications, and for alarms. I apparently somehow cycled through all of them, set them all wrong, and that's why no matter what I do, I get woken up by phone calls when I thought I had the volume down and never hear the text messages I'm waiting for even though I thought I had the volume up.

It's a handy feature, I suppose. I wish I'd known about it before this evening.

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([personal profile] merikuru 20 May 2017 05:40 pm)
So. GCrest, the makers of the silly prince game?

They have made another game - Akane Sasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau. (Which, provided I am not totally brainfried and out of practice, translates roughly to "Singing With You in the Red-Glowing World".) AkaSeka, for short.

It's a sort of historically based thing - think along the lines of Harukanaru Toki no Naka de mixed with Samurai Warriors - about a girl who's dragged to this world because she's the legendary Priestess of Sunlight, and has the power to help return sunlight to the world that is basically stuck in a perpetual twilight.

And it's eating my soul. *sighs*

(There is a character who makes puns. Seriously. He can't go FIVE MINUTES without a terrible pun. And he laughs at his own puns as if they're the best ever. Is it any wonder I approve?)

...I really didn't need another game obsession, even if this is a lot easier to play left-handed than Yume100 is. Bah.
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([personal profile] kalloway 17 May 2017 07:52 am)
Clearing out my LJ Scrapbook...

I took a lot of pictures of Gundam model kits, but mostly while building or when finished where they're just standing on my desk. However, I found a few much nicer pictures and I figured I'd share these over here. ^_^

Pics under cut )
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([personal profile] kalloway 14 May 2017 06:30 pm)
\o/ Went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy v.2 last night and it was just so very, very good.

(and then got more sleep! I slept like sixteen hours on Friday, which sort of wasted the whole day/night but considering how utterly horribly I slept all week, I'll take whatever sleep I can get)

Other than that, I'm closing in on the end of Kiddy Grade, yet again~ Though I own a set of the official release, it's eight discs with only ~three episodes per disc. I also own a three disc bootleg set with ~eight episodes per disc and it's obvious which is better for marathons. (It looks like there's a newer re-release with four discs that I maaay need to pick up, just because.)

Someday I'll finish hunting down all the untranslated novels and manga, too. I think I have one complete sidestory so far...

Not much else going on. I also haven't made much progress on the bookroom/comic-con list, but I still have a few days.


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