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( 20 October 2020 07:09 pm)
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( 3 September 2017 07:36 pm)
Hey guys.

Due to some things, I'm moving journals. ♥ I'm hoping I get motivation to update regularly (-ish) again, but we'll see how that goes. Point is, I need a clean slate, so off I go. This journal will be kept alive for like, archive purposes. Memories and etc. But as for me, it's time to uproot and relocate.

→ → → → → [personal profile] reveris

Follow along if you want~

If you wanna find me elsewhere:
→ plurk: [ profile] reveris
→ tumblr: [ profile] sykkea
→ discord: upon request (message reveris instead, please!)

Love you all. Stay awesome.
HEY GUYS!! now that I'm not in grad school hell, I want to actually make an attempt to do cards this year!
  • They will NOT be holiday cards. They will be generic "hey how are you i love you" cards.
  • ...unless you explicitly state that you want a card for a specific holiday - in which case, I will do my best to find one for you.
  • I will send cards to anywhere!
  • ... except space. Sorry if you are in space. I can't afford the postage for that rn. :(
  • Don't assume I already have your address. Beeecause I've probably lost it. ^^;; Just fill out the form anyway plz?
  • In theory, these will go out before the end of the year.

Please copy and paste the following into a comment and answer the questions for me!

COMMENTS ARE SCREENED for your privacy - no worries! ♥
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( 7 October 2016 08:03 pm)
Dear Yuletide Author:

Happy Yuletide!! Welcome to my letter, and thanks so much for signing up for the challenge. We apparently share at least one fandom, which means you must be awesome by default. ♥

Um, probably bad/frustrating news first, and I'm sorry in advance: I'm easy to please, and I'd be happy with just about anything. But! Here's some basic stuff about me and my likes/dislikes:

+ I'm a shipper at heart. And omni-shipper, if you will. I like all kinds of different 'ships across different fandoms - to the point that takes much less time to tell someone what ships I wouldn't like to see. (Which I will put in the details for you, if necessary.)
+ That being said, gen is also cool. I don't need a 'ship-centric fic to be happy.
+ Action, fight scenes, and other fast-paced things are lovely! But if that's not applicable, or not your style, so be it. I just generally like things that will hold my attention. Even generic slice-of-life can do that, so long as there's something going on.
+ I'm not ratings-picky! Go wild.

- Angst is cool in general, but please no sad and depressing endings.
- No non-con, please.

I hope this helps, even if just a little bit. If for any reason you need to ask me something ~covertly~ or anything, I can be reached anonymously here. The comment will be unscreened when I reply!

THANKS AGAIN! You are so fantastic, and I can't wait to see what you'd come up with. o/

- M
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( 7 October 2016 07:57 pm)
'cause sometimes it's needed

→ anon on
→ IP logging off
→ comments screened

come at me. ♥
Title: As The Name Suggests
AO3 Link: ( x )
Fandom: Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland (series)
Characters: Lionela, Rorona, Astrid
Summary: An inexplicable change has Lionela coming to Rorona for help. Hopefully there can be a solution...

Nyao~ )
Dear Yuletide Author:

It's that time again! Welcome to my Yuletide letter, and thanks so much for signing up for the challenge. We clearly share at least one fandom, and that's pretty great! I'm excited!

My prompts/requests this year are pretty open-ended and vague, but that's really because I'm one of those frustrating types that would be happy with just about anything. If you've come here, though, you're probably looking for a little more direction... I will say that I'm a 'shipper at heart, but it's not the end-all-be-all for me. If you even want to go the 'ship route, I am not at all rating picky. Hit me with whatever you want - fluffy, smutty, cute, hardcore, whatever. (I draw the line at non-con, though -- please no) I enjoy femmeslash, slash and het, so don't feel limited to one set or another. If you want even more direction, I love get-together stories. ♥ Beginnings are lovely.

As far as gen stuff goes, I'm a sucker for a good action scene. If that's not really so much of an option, then so long as there is definitely something going on, it will hold my attention. What gets me into a fandom is very often the characters - the plot is nice, sure, but I love character interaction and dynamics more.

I like for words to give me emotions (who doesn't?), positive or negative. Feel free to try and make me cry, or laugh, or both~

And... I really hope that helps you even a little bit. o/ Thanks again for being awesome, and I can't wait to see what I end up with!

- M
Title: Baseballs, Windows, and Narrow Escapes
AO3 link: ( x )
Fandom: Teen Wolf (MTV)
Characters: Scott, Stiles
Summary: Kidfic for Tsu. ♥ Hope it's to your liking.

Oh for the love of...! )
Dear Author,

Apparently we share fandoms! That is awesome. ♥ Hopefully I can give you a better idea about the kind of stuff I'd like, though as you've probably already seen from the little request blurbs, I'm not very picky overall. Still, if it'll help you out, I'll try to point out some specifics and narrow some stuff down!

1) Red Vs. Blue - any
> "Go wild. I like the Blood Gulch crew, and I like the Freelancers. Not picky! However, I'm really not one for pairings in this canon, so just gen fic would be great."

... Dude. I mean it. Seriously. All the characters are interesting, and I'd love whatever I can get. I have a slightly greater affiliation for Blue Team than Red Team, but I still love both. My favorite Freelancers are the twins, and it would be cool to see some exploration there that we're blatantly not getting in canon. (... I could rant for a while about that but I won't) I'm also really fond of York, so character exploration there could be cool!

In the long run, I'm really just looking for some gen fic. I don't care if it's lighthearted and comedic, or if it's full of ~Freelancer feels~ that slap me in the face. So really, whatever direction you take it in and whatever you decide to do, I will be perfectly happy with.

2) Vampire Game - Ishtar, Duzell, Darres, Yuujel/Yuujin
> "I love Ishtar more than I probably should. Could I please get something Ishtar-centric? Comedic, angsty, romance... whatever!"

This series is pretty nostalgic for me. Ishtar was one of the first female leads that really left an impression on me when I was younger, and I still adore her even now. I would love something Ishtar-centric, whether it's getting more into her character or just following her around on one of her little jaunts outside of the palace walls. Bonus points for Duzell or any of the other cast trying to put up with her (or just... shaking their heads).

3) Borderlands - Lilith, Mordecai (the signup sheet character selection hates me)
> "I have two different requests here: I'd love to see the two Siren ladies having a conversation, hanging out, killing shit together... you know, just doing what they do. If that's not up your alley, I wouldn't mind some Lilith/Mordecai or Lilith/Roland. And if none of that strikes your fancy? Then by all means, just anything with either group (or both groups!) of Vault Hunters would be great. You won't find me complaining. Bonus points for guest appearance by Claptrap (but not at all required)."

Pretty much what it says on the tin. ♥ The Siren is my go-to class, and I'm very interested in both Maya and Lilith. I also like to think about the kind of things they'd have to talk about, and the fistbump scene in the game trailer just seriously cemented for me that they'd be an awesome duo. I'd love something dealing with that! (And if you want to femmeslash it? I sure as hell am not stopping you~ But don't feel pressured, it would really just be icing on the already kickass cake.)

Not fond of that idea? Then... I'm also a fan of Lilith/Mordecai, even if that 'ship got sunk by the Lilith/Roland canon 'ship. Granted, both are lovely... If you'd like to explore either of those, I'd love to read it!

Still not your cup of tea? Then go wild! I love both groups of Vault Hunters, and would really like just about anything. You could focus on one group over the other, or smoosh them together! Het, slash, femmeslash, gen fic... whatever floats your boat. Character interaction especially appeals to me, as there's so much room for some excellent conversation/banter/etc with all of these guys! I only picked the two I did because that tag system really does just hate me or something. :| I contemplated just filling in the remaining slots with two random characters, but I didn't want to mess anything up. Anyway, the point is, I love everyone?

And hopefully that was enough tl;dr to help you out, dear author. Thank you in advance for the lovely fic, and I hope you get what you want this year as well! ♥ I greatly appreciate this already, you have no idea!

Best ♥,
Maggie T. (aka DivineMadness | Millenia)
Fic or Treat! Leave a comment with a fandom, pairing or character, and/or prompt. You will get a fic, or a treat!
→ Multiple requests are okay.
→ Fics: Drabble-length or longer
→ Treats: music, picspam, recs, etcetera

• Fandoms: Ar Tonelico, Red vs. Blue, Atelier Iris (1 - 3), Grandia (2, 3), Final Fantasy (8, 9, 13), .hack//(IMOQ, SIGN, G.U.), Persona 4, Pokémon (games), Borderlands, Good Omens, Saiyuki, Gundam Wing, Tales of Symphonia, Star Driver, Psychonauts... Feel free to ask for a different fandom anyway, I might can manage!
• I will also do OCs! Mine or yours or ours or whatevs.

This will be open until 11:59pm, October 31. I may/will not get to your request immediately (school is kicking my ass until approx. the 17th), but it will get done before Halloween! ♥


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